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Dextra Versicherungen AG becomes Simpego Versicherungen AG. Dextra Auto was renamed Simpego with effect from 01 February 2021. Based on the firm belief that motor insurers can offer better customer service and more innovative insurance products, Dextra Versicherungen AG was founded in Zurich in 2016. The main investors in Simpego Versicherungen AG are Pax Holding from Basel/Switzerland and Bayerische (Bayerische Beamten Lebensversicherung a.G.) from Munich/Germany.


The multi-billion Canadian holding company Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited currently holds a double-digit share of the Ukrainian insurance market through its subsidiaries Universalna PrJSC, ARX, ARX Life and Colonnade Ukraine. The group owns 25 insurance and reinsurance companies and groups worldwide.


HERE, a location data and technology platform, moves people, businesses and cities forward by harnessing the power of location. By leveraging our open platform, we enable our customers to achieve better results - at one end of the spectrum by helping a city manage its infrastructure or a business optimise its assets, or at the other by guiding drivers safely to their destinations.


MotionsCloud is a Munich-based insurtech company that helps property and motor insurers streamline and automate claims processes using computer vision technologies. With AI computer vision technologies and user-friendly interfaces for policyholders, MotionsCloud assesses vehicle and home damage based on images sent by the end user, generating an assessment of damage severity, treatment and possibly estimated costs. MotionsCloud reduces claims processing time to 3 hours instead of 3 weeks, lowers claims processing costs by up to 75% and improves the customer experience during claims processing. The company currently serves a number of clients in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, the USA and South East Asia. Key performance indicators: average saving of 1.5 hrs and 80 EUR per claim, policyholder rating of 4.5/5.0.

Hitachi High-Tech

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, operates in a variety of fields, including Analytical & Medical Solutions (manufacturing and sales of clinical analyzers, biotechnology products and analytical instruments), Nano Technology Solutions (manufacturing and sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and analytical instruments) and Industrial Solutions (providing high value-added solutions in the fields of social & industrial infrastructure and mobility, etc.). Hitachi High-Tech operates in 26 countries and employs more than 11,400 people. Its registered capital is 7,938 million yen (31 March 2019) and its sales are 731.1 billion yen (31 March 2019).


Nvidia Corporation is a multinational technology company based in California. They develop system-on-chip units for the mobile computing and automotive markets. From speech recognition to training virtual personal assistants to driving autonomous cars, data scientists are tackling increasingly complex challenges with the help of AI. Solving such problems requires training deep learning models whose complexity has them rely on GPU acceleration, both for training and inference. Data science workflows are traditionally slow and cumbersome, relying on CPUs to load, filter and manipulate data and train and deploy models, while Nvidia's accelerated GPUs significantly reduce infrastructure costs.
We have been pleased to work with Nvidia since 2022.

Ben-Gurion University

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev is one of Israel's leading research universities and among the world leaders in many fields. It has around 20,000 students and 4,000 faculty members in the Faculties of Engineering Sciences; Health Sciences; Natural Sciences; the Pinchas Sapir Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences; the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management; the Joyce and Irving Goldman School of Medicine; the Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies; The School of Brain sciences and Cognition; The School of Sustainability and Climate Change and Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies. More than 100,000 alumni play important roles in all areas of research and development, industry, health care, the economy, society, culture and education in Israel.

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