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kasko2go appoints Mr. Dimitri Wulich as Chief Operating Officer

Feb 5, 2019

Kasko2go, an innovative insurtech company, the developer of Kasko2go application, welcomes aboard the top-notch professional, previously worked in Swiss Re (Switzerland), world's major reinsurance market player.

The kasko2go team is comprised of world-class experts with extensive experience in large-scale global projects. Kasko2go is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Dimitri Wulich as Chief Operating Officer. Dimitri has over 20 years of international experience in financial, insurance and reinsurance sectors with a proven track record of outstanding achievements both at an operating and business development level. He held holding senior leadership positions at Swiss Re (Switzerland) in Risk and Asset Management domains.

“Since I joined kasko2go as a Senior Advisor last year I have been increasingly excited by the exceptional business opportunity in front of the company and so was delighted when Genadi Man raised the prospect of my joining as Chief Operating Officer. I look forward to working with the talented team and helping the company achieve its growth potential”, — as stated by Dimitri Wulich, COO at kasko2go.

Dimitri will join Genadi Man on the executive board. Mr. Wulich will bring about expertise and build a global operation to support company’s international customer base.

“The robustness of our project owes to high-profile team our company is very proud of. Dimitri has an impressive experience of senior operational experience in global organisations, and his managerial skills are remarkable. Appointing Mr. Wulich as our COO is a natural step for us, as the company evolves and gains momentum. These developments require richness in expertise across the board and world’s pros at the top”, — said Genadi Man, co-founder and CEO of kasko2go.

"Seit ich im letzten Jahr als leitender Berater zu kasko2go stiess, bin ich zunehmend begeistert über die aussergewöhnliche Geschäftsperspektive des Unternehmens und freute mich daher sehr, als Genadi Man mir eine Anstellung als Chief Operating Officer in Aussicht stellte. Ich freue mich darauf, mit dem talentierten Team zu arbeiten und dem Unternehmen zu helfen, sein Wachstumspotential zu verwirklichen", 

so Dimitri Wulich, COO von kasko2go.

Dimitri wird zusammen mit Genadi Man der Geschäftsleitung angehören. Herr Wulich wird sein Fachwissen einbringen und globale Aktivitäten aufbauen, um die internationale Kundenbasis des Unternehmens zu unterstützen.

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